Monday, October 24, 2011

Viaje a la Malinche!!!

What a great weekend we just had!!! (ok it was like 2 weekends ago but who is counting) Every fall semester around this time we find ourselves in the mountains for a weekend get away with El Pozo. A good friend and fellow campus minister, Jeremy, came in town for the weekend to give the retreat talks. He shared with us about his life during college and how he got to the point where he decided to move to Spain to start a college campus ministry in Salamanca. He talk about living a life that is worth telling, a story that impacts the world and will be carried on in one way or another when we have moved on. It was a very impactful weekend for many of the students. Here are some facebook posts I found from students who went...

Alexa wrote: This was the most amazing weekend ever, i learned a lot of new things, and made me change a lot about the way i used to think, so i am glad that God gave me this chance.
Alexa is a girl who 3 weeks ago we had never met. She came with her roommate to our monthly community service day the week before the retreat. They weren't signed up for the retreat, just showed up with two other roommates the day we were leaving. Since that weekend, every time I see here she asks what she can do to help or if I am going to be around to hang out because she has a lot of free time. Alexa is young and learning a lot and I can't wait to see how she grows to know Christ and his plan for her life over the next weeks, months, and years.

Israel wrote to Andrea: Never forget October 15th 2011. The most important decision of your follow Jesus and be with God.
Israel has a passion for people to know God that is undeniable. Every week he shows up to our events with new people he has invited. Last week he literally introduced 10 new people. I think 7 of those people went on the retreat the weekend before, for many of them it was their first activity ever with the ministry. God is using Israel in amazing ways. 

Andrea wrote in response to Israel's post: The truth is I will never forget Saturday. I took a big step. Thank you Israel. It was a great weekend with lots of fun and adventures.

God is moving through El Pozo in incredible ways. Admist all the changes and hard times we (the staff) have experienced over the last few weeks and months, we can not deny God's continued blessings on his ministry here. I have had conversations with three people recently about their desires to be baptized, what it means for their lives and the changes they are making daily to follow Christ. God works in spite of our shortcomings and what a blessing and honor it is to be able to be a part of God redeeming the world. 

Thank you for continuing to believe in what God is doing here.

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