Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dream Big!!!

We always look forward to it at the start of every year. It brings excitement and adventure. A chance to get away from the everyday routine, relax and have some fun. Plans are started early to make sure every moment is taken advantage of and that this year's Spring Break is the best ever. College students all over the world have this in common. A whole week off of school to do whatever they want. One Week! What do you do with it???

For the past five years, El Pozo has taken a group of students to north Mexico during Spring Break to build houses for families living in shacks made of cardboard walls if they have any walls at all. Over the past five years, any where from 8-20 college students have chosen to do something positive, to change lives, to give instead of take during their one week off of school in the spring. Instead of going to the beach all expenses paid with their families, they chose to work hard, save some money, buy, build and give away a house during their Spring Break. Instead of touring the coastline to find the best places to surf or visiting ruins and waterfalls, they chose to spend hours and hours in a bus, sleep on a church floor, and do physical labor all day for several days in the hot sun building a house for people they have never met. This year, students are going to make that same choice. Students are going to "give up" their week of vacation to help those in need, to share what they have to give, and to shine the light they have found in a dark part of the world.

In years past we have built one house for one family and we have gotten pretty good at it. We know how to raise the money and how to get just enough students excited about it to accomplish the goal. So this year when we were planning and dreaming, we decided it was time to stop being comfortable, get out of the way and let God show off. This year our goal is to build two houses, one for a family of 2-5 people and the other for a larger family of 5 or more. Very Scary to say the least. We have only ever had just enough money and just enough people so to double the needed money and people doesn't make sense. But we believe and preach every week to these students that God is big and in control and wants to use us to change the world. Every week we stand up to tell these students that we believe in the power of prayer and invite them to let us pray for them and for them to join us in prayer. Now is when all those words turn into actions.

We are praying everyday at 2 for 2 houses. We are planning fundraisers and recruiting participants. But more importantly, we are trusting God. We are trusting him for every penny and peso that is needed to make this trip a success, for every person that will get on the bus and be a part of building the houses, and for the lives of not only those receiving the house to be changed but also for every person that has a part in the process.

You are invited to be a part of this God-sized dream we have for this semester. You can join us in prayer every day at 2 for 2 houses or whatever hour you would like. You can make your way to Cd Acuña the 24th-27th of March and help us physically build the houses while getting to know the students you pray for and support everyday. You can give financially towards the building materials we must have to build these houses. Each one of you is invited in whatever way you are able to be a part of what God is doing here in Mexico through a few college students that have chosen to dream big, put their trust in the God of this universe and live out a story worth telling.

Me and Pato with the beautiful kids we built a house for two years ago

Last year's house that was finished just as the sun was setting

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