Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reason 16: He's a funny guy

So I know I know, I didn't quite finish 61 Reasons I Love My Dad...but here we are for round two or maybe this is round 5 or 6...either way here is another reason why I love my dad and you should too.

He is a pretty funny guy. I am sure that is where I must get my humor and funniness from as well...

So the past several times I have talked to my dad on the phone and the blog thing has come up in conversation, he has reminded me that his illness is terminal and I should get busy on it if I want to finish in his lifetime. Maybe to some of yall it doesnt seem so funny, but for us it is funny and always makes us both laugh. Then after we laugh I tell him how my next one is going to be how funny he is.

It is the little things he says when he maybe isn't even trying to be funny that I find hilarious as well that have stayed in my memory over the years...One example is from many many years ago, we were driving in the car talking about who knows what when he says "Courtney have you gone to the bathroom today?" and I was like, "ummm what do you mean" and he says "you know have gooone to the bathroom today" and so I said I had and then he says "well you need to go again cause you are full of sh**" I don't even remember what we were talking about but I do remember having a good laugh.

Here are a few pictures I found that bring out his lighter side.

a picture says a thousand words

only grown men with a good sense of humor would allow this to be photographed

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