Monday, August 30, 2010


Good Monday to all of you!!

So I am thinking to do a blog post each Monday with the lineup of the events of the week and then also highlighting something different that pertains to my life here in Puebla. And in doing that, hopefully you all can get a better picture of what things are like for me down here (friends, work, play, etc....).

Last week the talk I gave on Thursday went well. Thanks for all the prayers. Basically I retold the parable of the good samaritan using the following example...
Once there was a girl who played flag football in college...then I explained that some, then talked about how she got a flat tire on her way to the championship game, and through a series of events, two friends (one from the church and one from her campus ministry) denied her help, but then a girl from the rival football team, which they were about to play, passed by, stopped and lent a hand so that she could play in the final game. There were more details to make the story better and hit home more, but no need to go into all that...You got the gist right? If not, check out the real story in Luke 10.

Kami introducing me

me talking from on top of the Pozo

This week our Mexican intern, Rada, will be giving the talk. Pray for her as she prepares this week.

Our campus house...

Over the years and past months especially we have been able to make some improvements on the campus house thanks to different work groups. Here are some of those improvements.

front walkway done by a group from Auburn Christian Fellowship in March

tree swing and benches courtesy of Summerscope work groups (2009 & 2010)
upstairs where we have Tuesday night "En Vivo" and coffee/hangout area during the week
art on back wall (see the POZO?)

there are those kinds of faces on this part of the wall and around the corner (students in the ministry)


our new covered area built by Summerscope '10, staff, and El Pozo students

another view of our huge covered area outside         

And finally the kitchen...


The kitchen we just had redone by my mom and a friend of the family, Greg. It is so much more functional and actually a pleasure to be in. A special thanks again to all of those who helped with the renovations.

This week en EL POZO:
Lunada tonight at 8...a low key worship time that is once a month that contains songs, scripture, prayer, and communion.
En Vivo tomorrow at 8...Nate will be giving the talk based on the kings and judges section of the bible.
Pozomida thursday at 2...Rada giving the talk based on one of the parables of Jesus.
Friday with the kids at a kids home called Casa de Alto Refugio (House of High Refuge)
Saturday...Georgia Tech Football...Sting 'em Jackets

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