Saturday, September 4, 2010

61 Days of Larry Wilson

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

If any of you guys out there don't know my father, you should get to know him. Seriously, your life will be blessed guaranteed. 

Today is his 61st birthday. He is celebrating at home with some of the family and maybe some friends. Since I am not able to be with him on this wonderful day, I ordered him an opening day Georgia Tech win which arrived a few hours ago right on schedule, as well as something else a little more from the heart. 
Over the next 61 days, I will be getting up early and posting one reason each day of why I love him and a story or memory to go along with it. Maybe some pictures will be posted. They will be in no particular order, but my goal is to make you all cry at least once, haha. Or at least give you a glimpse into the awesome man he is.

So to start it off...
Reason number one I love my father is that for as long as I have known him, he has always been a man of God. I never remember going to church without him. Although he might not have been the one who got us up early to do morning devotions (thanks mom), he was always present when it came to church, faith and God. I have seen his faith and relationship with his God and Savior grow and grow and grow over the years. He taught us through his actions more than with words what it means to follow Jesus. 

Easter Sunday 1983 going to church (Hopkinsville, Kentucky)
We have to be going to church because I am in a dress (San Antonio, Texas)

In many ways I can attribute me being in Mexico to him. From the beginning he taught us the importance of loving and following God not just a few days a week but with our entire lives. Serving God at home and afar through service projects and mission trips was always encouraged. He never overbearingly pushed us into doing certain things just because, but instead he encouraged us to find our passions, use our talents to the fullest and chase after our dreams. He has been supportive of my decision to serve God in Mexico since day one. Even after his diagnosis with cancer and very short prognosis, he continued to be supportive and even encouraged me all the more to continue to serve God where I am, even if it is in another country. When everyone else was telling me to move back to Georgia, he told me to follow God. He understands that this world is not the end but just a beginning and lives like it everyday.  

Thank you Dad for loving God 
and teaching us to do the same.


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