Friday, September 10, 2010


Reason 6: Hero To So Many

What is a hero? Who is a hero? How do you define "hero"?
I think for many of you, your answers would differ. And I think for all of you who consider my dad a hero (which I would bet there are a good number of you guys out there) the reasons behind why you think that would differ as well.
We moved around a lot growing up because my dad served 22 years in the Army. Beside the simple fact that he served his country faithfully for 22 years, which many consider heroic in itself, the work he did during that time made him a hero to more than we will ever know. While in the Army, he was a pediatric nurse practitioner. He cared for sick kids, some were dying and died, but others he was able to save. I am sure he has endless stories to prove the point. For the kids he made a little less scared during their stay in the hospital, for the parents who he was able to comfort and help heal their all of those poeple he was a hero.
Others would say having 4 kids who all grew up to be somewhat normal haha and lead healthy productive lives is worthy of being labeled a hero.
I say all of those reasons make my dad a hero. Then I would also add all the times he sacrificed more than I will ever know so that I would prosper. Like his money he went to work everyday to earn, his time after working all day to play with me, take me to whatever I needed to go to, help with homework....anything and everything.
All the times he cared for us when we were sick...I remember seeing a home video of one time at Christmas I was sick with a cough. He had me in his lap and he just kept patting my back to help me feel better. Parents who do that, and all the other stuff they never get thanked for are HEROES without a doubt.
I truly believe that there are an endless number of things that my dad has done to make him a hero and of those I only know of a few.

Thank you Dad for all you have done that has gone unnoticed, never been properly thank for, but has made you a hero in the eyes of so many.

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