Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ministry Update

Ministry Update

This weekend we are going on a retreat to the mountains. Last year it was lots of fun and this year we plan to make it even better. The theme is going to be relationships. Pray for students to have the desire to go and hear from God, for our speakers (Tom and Sandy Basile), the weather to be nice, relationships that will be formed and strengthen,  and for everyone to have fun.

Today Nate will be giving a talk on the prophets as we continue to work our way through the bible. Then on Thursday I will be giving the talk at our devotional lunch...retelling the parable of the unmerciful servant. Prayers for both of those talks would be awesome.

Every now and then I want to feature someone from the ministry in the blog so you guys can know a little more about who I am around on a daily basis. Today we are going to start with my roommates Kami and Isa.

Kami is the other single person that works here at El Pozo with me. She arrived in January of this past year. I met Kami at Georgia Tech in 2005 where we became friends. Then in 2007 when I first arrived in Puebla, she was an exchange student with the ministry studying at UDLA which only strengthened that friendship. We have been good friends for many years now, but we continue to learn more about each other everyday. We got a good system working here as roommates, teammates and friends.

Me and Kami at a graduation dinner of one of our good friends

 Isa started living with me in January around the same time Kami arrived. She is in her third year of college and will be graduating soon. Isa and her boyfriend Luis started to come to the ministry because of 2 friends (Raul and Beto, both have graduated and are not around anymore) about 2 years ago.

Luis and Isa
Watching her learn and grow and make true friendships is a blessing everyday. Isa loves to clean house, which is another awesome blessing, as well as go bowling with me on Thursdays.
Recently we all went to Mexico City to visit her family.

Isa, Kami, and me in Coyocan
Isa and me on her first women's retreat
Thanks for the support and prayers and encouragement. 
Love you all. Peace.

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