Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Reason 3 and 4 somewhat go together....

Reason 3: BBQ RIBS
If you have never tried my dad's bbq ribs, then really you should take my advice from the first day and become friends with him so he will one day invite you to indulge in his world famous bbq ribs. Ok, maybe not world famous, but there are people in England, Mexico, Germany, Chile, and Spain to name a few who have tried and loved his ribs. Really I think it is the sauce he makes to marinate them in, but they really do taste the best when he makes them.
So when I was in college, I used to have friends over for dinner on special occasions and we would almost always eat BBQ ribs, my mom's famous mac & cheese, green beans and rolls. I remember one year I had friends over for my birthday sometime in November. Well it happened to be the day Georgia Tech was playing Florida State, and it was late in the game, really close score...Actually I can't remember if it was Tech vs. FSU or just FSU was playing.
Both Charles Wright
Charles Wright
and Robert Braden
and Robert Braden
where there and both fans of FSU since they are from Tallahassee. I also can't remember which team it was but one of them was about to score and all of a sudden my dad says the food is ready so my mom says, "lets pray" and starts praying...during the prayer one of the teams scored an awesome touchdown and even though most of us were still watching the game we couldn't cheer because we were in the middle of the prayer. Great timing.
I would have loved to post some pictures from that day, to take us down memory lane, BUT it was so long ago, we still didn't have digital cameras, which means I only have hard copies that would be in Georgia, not here in Mexico. So thankful for digital cameras.

Thanks dad for stealing that recipe from who ever it was you took it from and making it a Wilson favorite.

Ok, Reason 4: Hospitality
I never remember my dad turning us down if we wanted to have friends over for dinner or to hang out at the pool, or whatever. He and my mom taught us through example what it means to be hospitable. Here in Puebla, I am always having people over for dinner or to play wii or to just hang out. I owe that to the example that was set in my house growing up. I can never remember my dad having the mentality that this is mine, or this is my family's. He was always willing to give and open his home to whoever was in need. I can remember many holidays that we would have people over who we barely knew, because my parents found out they were going to be alone for the holiday. Whenever we would go out to eat, they would always be picking up the tab for everyone.
I remember one Easter in particular that i took a huge group from Tech up on Saturday night for dinner, then we all woke up early and went to the sunrise service at church, then my parents invited all of us to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I can't remember how many we were but the table was really long, maybe 16 or so. Then I am pretty sure we went back to church and then some stayed for a party at the Donley's. All that to say that I was taught well, have great memories and am forever grateful for the example that was set at home on hospitality.

Thanks Dad

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