Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Braves all the way

Reason 11: Loves the Braves

I don't know why I started to like the Braves, it was too long ago and I was too young, but I am going to give the credit to my dad cause that is how see it. I started liking the Braves when we lived in Texas, then we moved to Kansas and my love for them only grew. I can remember trying to stay up to watch the Braves when they were in the World Series against the Blue Jays. I don't think I ever made it through a game without falling asleep, but I sure tried.
When we decided to move to Georgia I was really excited and thought I would go to all the games, however, I still watched most of the games on tv even after moving to Georgia. But my love for them has not faded and neither has my dad's. Even when they are in a slump (like right now), my dad still always has the ballgames on the tv for all of us to watch. I love my dad for putting a passion for the Braves in my heart that has lasted through the good times and the bad times.

I actually just got off the phone with my dad and since I was about to publish this post, I asked him why the Braves were the chosen team since we didn't live in Georgia and he wasn't from Georgia or even close. He told me that he used to like the Cardinals since he was from around that area, but when he went into the Army, no matter where he went, he could see a good number of Braves games on tv (more than any other team).  Soo the Braves became the favorites. And I am pretty confident that as long as he or I am around, they will stay the favorites. This is kind of ironic...just last week I watched the Braves play the Cardinals on ESPN2 down here in Puebla.
My roommate Kami brought back some cups from a game she went to over the now my house can once again officially be labeled "BRAVES COUNTRY"

can you see it?? THIS IS BRAVES COUNTRY

Since I don't have many pictures that relate to this post, so I am going to take advantage of this opportunity to post some older pictures of my dad you might enjoy.

Check out how much hair he had

I wonder when was the last time he sat indian style like this

luke, me, donnah and my dad (prob in Texas based on how much the boys are sweating)

Let's Go Braves

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