Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Choice

Reason 9: He Married My Mom

I have mentioned this before, but its worth talking about again. I love my dad for getting married to my mom some 30 something years ago. I don't know exactly what year they are going on, but I am pretty sure they are closer to 40 years than 30.
Their marriage is impressing to say the least. It is an example to follow, a gift from God and a blessing to all who are around it. Over the years, they worked together to raise us kids, to give us examples to live by and teachings that would form us into followers of Christ. Like in any relationship, they had disagreements and maybe some fights, but they never did it in front of us kids in a disrespectful way. I never saw my dad disrespect my mom. That is hard to find these days. They love each other and show it. They work well together...what my dad lacks, my mom makes up for and vice versa. Their marriage has set a standard for me that will not allow me to settle for less. They are proof that godly marriages are possible.
Here are a few pictures of them over the years...

wedding day
in their fancy sports car (before kids of course)

in Jamaica
Destin at the beach
still lovin it
Thank you for choosing wisely, marrying mom and making your marriage worth following

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