Thursday, September 9, 2010


Reason 5:  Never Stops Learning

I don't know how many of you guys know this but my father has 4 degrees that he still uses on a daily basis. Also I think there is a fellowship thrown in there. Still not sure what that is but I am pretty sure it's helped him make some money recently.
Apart from actually going to school to learn stuff, he makes it a point to watch 22 hours of news on the tv everyday. HAHA ok, maybe not 22 hours worth, but he watches the news A LOT, but not because he doesn't have anything better to do. It is simply because learning is part of who he is and what he does.
In school, for the most part we all got good grades. That is what was expected out of us. To read our books, listen in class, do our homework and LEARN. I can remember many times getting frustrated because I would just want to know the answer, but my dad knew that if I actually looked it up myself, or figured it out for myself, or tried and failed, I would learn a lot more than just being given the answer.
One of the more recent things he learned to do was make wooden bowls.

making one of the bowls

All the bowls he makes are completely by hand. He just has this one tool that he uses to axe out the wood till it becomes a very nice bowl. Since I live in another country, I was privileged to get to pick from one of the first ones made. I got a rectangular shaped one that I have in my house here that we use for fruits and veggies on a daily basis and then when we have dinners for bread or salad. I like to show it to all my friends and say my dad made it. :)
Not only is he always learning himself, he helps others learn as well...A few pictures to prove my point.

teaching Susannah to read
teaching one of us (luke maybe?) to play cards
teaching me to buckle my shoes
and Isaiah to do business over the phone
Reason #5 I love my dad...He never stops learning nor lets others stop as well. 


  1. Hi, Larry -- I tried to write Donnah an e-mail message about you, bot it seems to have been swallowed by the technology monster!

    What I said was that I know of no better example of a man who lives what he believes than you. I a world of wishful thinking about spectacular accomplishments in the future, you practice what you preach -- today.

    I also admire what Donnah has said about honoring the living -- while they are still with us. I hope that my family will do the same for me. -- Henry Ford

  2. Hey Courtney! Enjoying the blog. It does not surprise me that Larry is having to buckle your shoe. Also, it was definately a special occaision. A dress and makeup to boot. You look so puurrty.
    We miss and love you!
    Andrew Henderson