Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chef Larry

Reason 10: Great Chef

Apart from the world famous ribs he makes, he can cook just about anything with any ingredients and it turns out good. I can only remember a few times in all my life that I didn't like something he made. We always had good food for dinner when he was around.
cooking with friends
he is such a good cook he knows only fresh ingredients will do

I remember that going out to eat or ordering pizza was a big deal for us...something that was special and hardly ever happened. So when my dad had to be out of town for something, which didn't happen much, we got really excited because that meant we usually got to go out or order pizza. My mom is not as good a cook as him, and when we were growing up she was even less of one. But she has learned over the years and is actually good at it now. She is very good at sooo many other things, but cooking just wasn't her thing back in the day.
They only bad thing about him being such a good cook is that I never had to cook for real. I might have had to make the vegetable or some side item now or then, but never really the whole meal. And he is one of those people that can cook without a recipe...not so with me. Anything that is more than pasta usually requires a recipe for me to be able to make it. Since he was so good at it, I never really learned all the different techniques. I remember being at a friends house just a year ago and calling my dad to ask how long a type of meat had to be on the grill. Like my mom, over the years since getting out of the house I have learned more and more. I would say I cook pretty good now, I just don't have a huge range of dishes. Since January I have been making it a point to learn to cook more things...and learn to cook more without a recipe like my dad. So just recently I decided to get myself a personal chef.
Don't worry, I didn't actually hire him nor am I paying him or anything like that...He is a friend of mine that went to culinary school before coming to Puebla to be one of the American football coaches at the university here. His name is Hector but everyone calls him Ratatouille since he used to be a chef.

i think he was making a pasta dish this day
he is as happy cooking as we are eating it

He usually comes over to cook at least once a week and sometimes more than that. He cooks like my dad...without recipes. I still haven't quite made it to that point where I can cook like them but I am learning. And until then, I will be happy eating whatever my Dad or Hector want to make for me. And just so yall don't think this is a taking relationship only, I cook for him and my roommates once a week as well so I can try out new dishes and perfect the ones I already know.

I love my dad for being a great cook and passing along some of  his secrets along the way. Also I would like to thank my mom for teaching me that if you can't to it well...learn, but in the meantime get someone in your life that doesn't mind doing it for you.

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