Sunday, September 5, 2010

taught me to throw...not like a girl

Day 2 and Reason 2 that I love dad is that he taught me to throw. And to throw good, not like a "girl" haha. Ever since I was young, I remember being involved in sports. At first softball and soccer, then some basketball worked its way in along with street football. Softball was always my favorite, probably because I was good at it and knew how to throw. Once we were of age to play sports on organized teams, he left the coaching on the field to the coaches, but continued his role quite finely in the house. I can remember him telling stories of when he was young playing sports and how they motivated me to want to get better. He was there to support us, teach us and encourage us, but it was always our decision whether we played or not. Knowing how to throw good has come in handy over the years and continues to a skill that I use everyday.
Here are a few pictures of recent throwing. They are bad because I took them off of Facebook.

The stance looks good

Not bad for a Girl

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