Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snoring Makes Me Smile

Reason 12: He snores

I know that might sound really wierd, but I really have been thinking about this for awhile now. I love my dad because he snores when he is sleeping. I can say this because I don't have to sleep next to him every night. Here is my reasoning behind all of this...
I have been kinda sick since last week, so I have been sleeping a lot and not really doing much of anything. (Except for the awesome retreat we went on this past weekend that I was really sick during but couldn't stop me from making it happen and having a lot of fun in the process.) During this time, I have had a few friends over to take care of me or just hang out. Well usually we all fall asleep at some point during the time, little cat naps, and when I hear them snoring I know they are really asleep. And I actually enjoy it because I know they are resting and comfortable. So it got me thinking back to when I lived with my parents and even times when I go back to visit. The room I stay in is right across the hall from my parents room and they usually go to bed before I do. So when I go to bed, or if I go to the bathroom after they are already in bed, I always really like to hear my dad snoring because that means I haven't woken him up. Likewise with my friends, if they are snoring that means they are sleeping and resting and whatever I am doing at the time is not bothering them. And you know since I have started looking at snoring in this way, what used to bother me about snoring, doesn't anymore. I don't really know what it means when you snore, like if you are really sleeping good or not, but when I hear people snore, I always think they are really sleeping good. And I like knowing that my dad is sleeping and getting good rest, and that whatever I am doing is not disturbing that. Soo, that is why I love my dad for snoring...its a sure fire way to know he is still asleep.

both sleeping peacefully

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