Sunday, October 17, 2010


Reason 15: Realistic

I love my dad because he is realistic and a dreamer like me needs someone like that to keep themselves in check. My dad has always been the one that has given me the reality checks when I needed them. From times when I was younger and not making the smartest choices to the times when I dream and maybe don't think everything through before wanting to get started.
I can't honestly say I always agreed with what he told me or liked it even if I agreed, but I appreciate it. The fact that he loves me enough to care about my choices and help me the way he knows how is priceless.
My dad might not seem like a dreamer just because his attention to details and realism comes out more, but he is. Just look at what he has done over the last 5 years.
His dad used to tell him that he would see it when he believed it. I know he thought about that a lot over the years, but he also thought about all the details that needed to happen to make things become realities. Sometimes I just like to think that if I believe it will happen it will (and in a sense I think that is true), but he is good to remind me of the realities that have to happen to make dreams come true. He doesn't ever do it to discourage me or anything like that.  
It's just that he is wise, lived through lots, learned from it all and now wants to pass it all on to me and I love him for it.

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