Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Week In Ministry

Hellooooo again!

Time for another ministry update. We have some exciting things going on this week.

Today we get started with a Girl's Beauty Night. There will be massages, pedicures, manicures, a talk about inner beauty, and several other things planned for the night. We have a ton of girls in the ministry so it is sure to be a great night.

this is a really great group of girls (Erika, Aline, Ixchel, Maria)

Tomorrow is the normal devotional lunch. We are going to take a break from our weekly trivia and bring back one of our games from last semester just to keep things mixed up a bit. We had a student leader give the talk for the first time this semester last week and a few more on the schedule to finish out the semester.

Josh, Pibe, Raul, Beto, Pablo, Rosa at devotional lunch (aka Pozomida)

On Saturday there is another home football game here at the university. The team is doing extremely well. I have several friends that are players and others who are coaches so I really enjoy going to the games to support them all. This Saturday we are going to take some of the kids from the orphanage we work with to the game. Last semester we taught them to play flag football and since many of them really enjoyed it, we decided to invite them to one of the football games. We are hoping this will be a good time for our students to go deeper with these kids and really start some relationships that will be beneficial to both the kids and our students.
Chris plays defensive line and all the girls love him
Sol (student in the ministry) with Fisher and Hector (two of my favorite coaches)

Sunday we are going to baptize at least 3 students, maybe more, and we are going to to do it at the BEACH. We are really excited about the students who have made this decision (check next week for pics and stories). They each have a very unique story on how they got to this point. God has been working on them for some time now and it is such an honor for us to get to be a part of it all. We are renting a van, using our cars, gonna pile everyone in who wants to go, drive a few hours, get out, baptize the girls, hang out and have a picnic on the beach, go to Dairy Queen, then head back to Puebla. Pray for these 3 amazing girls that will be getting baptized and for those who are on the edge, for all the students who will be going, safe travels and for the excitement and decision of these girls to be contagious in the ministry.

In other news of upcoming events, we will be having our monthly worship time Monday night and in a few weeks I will be giving the talk at En Vivo, our Tuesday night main event. On Tuesdays remember we are going through the bible in its sections. We have almost made it through the whole bible. We just have another talk on the Letters and Revelations. Since our two main speakers will be out of town the week of Revelations, I get the honor of giving that talk. Pray for me as I prepare and get pumped up to give another talk. And while you are praying, don't forget to mention all the people mentioned in the blog.

Thanks for all your love and support. Peace out. Love you all.

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