Thursday, May 12, 2011

That Time Of Year

Every now and then it is worth asking yourself what is important in life, what are you living for each day and are our actions a reflection of all that...

We just finished up another semester of school, life and ministry at El Pozo. At the end of each school year, we have an end of the year banquet to honor graduates and reflect on the past year. This year we had the most graduates that had been involved in the ministry for the longest time. Many since their first days at the university. As I reflect on those questions above, my answers come from what each of those graduates said about their involvement in the ministry throughout their college years and the impact being involved in a community loving God has had on their lives. In many cases, their tears spoke louder than any words.
I do what I do because I get to see heaven brought to earth on a daily basis and actually get to be a part of it at times. I do what I do because there is no greater joy, adventure or adrenaline rush than watching eternity being changed today and knowing that you got to play a little role in it. If you don't know what I am talking about, try building a house and giving it away to a family living in a cardboard "house" no bigger than your bathroom, or being friends with someone for 4 years, watching them suffer heart ache after heart ache chasing after popularity to finally give God a chance and find a life worth living again, or being family to someone whose family has rejected and abandoned them. There is nothing like it.
If I ever start to think my life is boring, that christianity is boring, I have to look at my life, ask myself those questions and get things back on track. Cause if there is one thing I have gotten from reading about Jesus' life, it is the fact that there is no room for boredom when your purpose and mission is to bring heaven to earth every day.

Here is the video we showed at our end of the year banquet to sum up this past year at El Pozo. For many of you, these faces are just faces, but let me assure you that each person you see in this video has a name and a story and a future...they are my friends and family, the reasons behind many tears (both good and bad) and they are the reasons I do what I do. God still has a lot of redeeming to do in this world and I do what I do in a effort to be a part of it.

May-July I will be taking a 3 month furlough/sabbatical/whatever you want to call it. Essentially what it means is that I will be in the states for the next three months, learning, exploring, resting, visiting friends, support raising and anything else that comes up. I would love to see you, catch up, talk about life or whatever. Shoot me an email so we can get together...PEACE