Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All good things...

Do all good things have to end??? In campus ministry and in life many times, I think the best answer for that question is yes and no. Very profound I know. The reason I ask that question now is because we are in our last few weeks of events for the semester and students are getting ready for final exams. The great semester we were all just a part of is winding down, so yes good things will be ending soon. However, we have summer semester to look forward to and hope to keep building on the momentum we have right now with those that will be around during May and June. So much has happened over the last few months it is somewhat sad to see it end, but we know and trust that God has even greater things in store for all of us as we say good-bye to one chapter of our lives and begin a new one. From three baptisms in the early months to new students stepping up to take leadership roles and being part of three mission trips in these last few months, we have seen the hand of God using El Pozo to draw people from all over the world closer to him. That is why together we do what we do. Thank you for another great semester and check out the pictures below for a semester recap.

Very good friend, Male, and former El Pozo student marries a great guy...January

Tuesday night En Vivos start and I give my 5th talk ever...January

Thursday "Pozomida" lunches start back...January

Tania get baptized!!!  February

Valentine's Day En Vivo and visit from Phil (our boss) and wife Merran...February

Party with Basketball Teams...February
Yo Amo Cholula, monthly service day...March
Rada gets baptized!!! March

Spring Retreat...March
Mission Trip to build a house over spring break with Casas por Cristo...April

Group from Georgia comes during spring break to love on kids from local orphanage...April
Last En Vivo of semester, I give another talk and Julio shares how he found God  while being wrongly accused and put in prison for almost 6 months before a judge would take his case and his innocence be proven...April
Weekend trip to Oaxaca with students, (largest tree in Mexico)...April

Hierve el Agua en Oaxaca, God's country is B-E-A-utiful...April
Still to come in the next week...End of the Year Banquet tomorrow, 5 professional exams (think thesis presentations), a wedding and nightly Pancake Dinners for the students. Love you all. Thanks