Monday, February 17, 2014

The kingdom of God is like...

Jesus talked a lot about the kingdom of God. I mean a lot. So if it was so important that he talked about it all the time, what does that mean for us today? 

Here at El Pozo we have been asking ourselves that same question and posing it to our students as well. We just finished a three part series based on the kingdom of God...three weeks that boiled down to deciding to live under the reign of God in his kingdom, dreaming huge about what God can use us for to expand and grow this kingdom and then doing something about it all, serving God with our talents and gifts and enjoyments of life. 

So what does that look like at El Pozo? 

Alice and Chuchu will continue to invite and bring their fellow volleyball teammates every Tuesday to En Vivo because they dream of the day when every girl on the team loves Jesus more than anything else in the world.

Alice and Chuchu with teammates at En Vivo last Tuesday

Frank will continue to study, learn and apply his passion for business and politics on a small scale in the university because he dreams of the day he will be able to change the lives of all mexican citizens, not just the rich, on a much greater scale. 

Frank in middle 

Jessica will keep going to the hospital every week to get hands on experience while she studies her nursing degree so that when she finishes school, she will be equipped to open her own hospital for the "least of these" that she comes in contact with on a daily basis. 

Jessica (second to right) with her classmates she invites to El Pozo

And Tote will continue to show up every week to read the bible and learn about Jesus for the first time because you believed in being a part of the kingdom of God and are living it out through your support of El Pozo. 

Kitchens for the hungry, music for the weary hearted, churches for the indigenous people in their own language...these and so much more are the dreams of our students. Some seem many years away but everyday, the decisions they make are opportunities to prepare them for the day when their God sized dreams become a reality. 

Pray with us for our students as they embark on their own dreams while continuing to be part of an ongoing one called Globalscope, college campus ministries all around the world.