Monday, April 8, 2013

Big Dreams for a Big God!!!

The day finally arrived. The first Saturday of spring break. We had been praying for months and seen those prayers little by little get answered. Two houses for two families built by a group of college students during their spring break. We had pretty much all the money accounted for, now we just needed the people to build the houses. At some point we started praying for 30 people because that is the minimum that the organization we were going with, Casas Por Cristo, suggests for building the two houses. 30 was our goal and when the day finally arrived and we were all on the bus ready for the 18 hour road trip to Cd Acuña where two families waited in anticipation for us, we totaled 19. Not the 30 we had hoped for and we were met by 5 others arriving in Acuña, but really??? 24 inexperienced college students were going to build 2 house in less than a week? God had brought us so far already that we couldn't actually believe He would not help us complete the dream. So we pushed on. 

Early Monday morning we separated into two groups, 10 for the smaller house and 14 for the larger house, and headed out to our work sites. Day one would consist of laying the foundation and putting together the walls. After a great day of work, both teams returned to the church to have a time of worship and sharing about the many ways they saw God working. It was great to watch and hear the students share both the positive and negative events of the day but in it all see the way God had his hand in it the entire time.

the start of two houses
Tuesday and Wednesday were much harder work days. Tuesday we started by putting the walls up, then the blackboard to hold the chicken wire and later stucco. Later we put on the roof, finished some details on both the roof and the outside of the house while a few started on the details of the inside to get it ready for drywall.
looks like a house
the larger house day 2

Wednesday and Thursday morning were spent doing the stucco, drywall and finishing touches

Almost finished

Two more houses in Acuña

Two more families

with houses built with the love of Christ
Thank you all for your prayers and financial donations. This trip would never have happened if it were not for the coming together of the body of Christ and the participation of each of you. Here is a video of the trip to see a little more how it all went.